Gloss is an opti­cal pro­per­ty of a sur­face, cha­racter­ized by its ability to re­flect light. If a light beam strikes a sur­face - e.g. a lacquer - with a cer­tain angle of inci­dence (ε), most of it will pene­trate the layer of paint, the rest will be re­flec­ted.
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Zehntner offers a wide and conti­nu­ously ex­pand­ed pro­duct range of physi­cal measuring and test­ing equip­ment for different areas such as appli­cation, fine­ness of grind, drying pro­per­ties, film thick­ness, adhesion and flexi­bili­ty, hard­ness, corrosion, visco­sity etc. In addition to the famous Swiss preci­sion, Zehntner focuses first and fore­most on easy, fast and safe operation.
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The night and day visi­bili­ty of road mark­ings have an influ­ence on the road safety. Hence it is inevit­able that road mark­ings are checked, main­tained and if necessary re­placed. The Zehntner de­vices are a reli­able and import­ant basis for deci­sion-making.
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