ZRM 6014 Retroreflectometer RL/Qd

After eight successful years the production of the ZRM 6013 Zehntner-Retroreflectometer RL/Qd will be ceased and replaced by the models ZRM 6014, ZRM 6013+ and ZRM 6006 at the end of 2013. Click here to request a quotation for trade-in with a new model.

Depending on availability, it might be possible to purchase a second hand unit. The following features distinguish the ZRM 6013:

  • The very first retroreflectometer with LED illumination for measuring night visibility (RL) and day visibility (Qd) of road markings as well as ambient temperature (°C/°F) and relative humidity (rH %) combined in one compact instrument
  • For all types of road markings
  • For profiles up to 5 mm (0.2“), just put on and measure; additionally, significantly higher profiles can be measured with instruction
  • In accordance with EN 1436 (for RL and Qd), ASTM E 1710 (for RL), ASTM E 2302 (for Qd) ASTM E 2177 (for RL wet)
  • Approved by independent test laboratory BASt (Federal Highway Research Institute, DE) (test No.: BASt-V4 22/2006)
  • Factory calibration with a calibration standard traceable to the independent accreditation body METAS, Switzerland