ZRM 1013+ Retroreflectometer RL/Qd

After four successful years the production of the ZRM 1013+ Zehntner-Retroreflectometer RL/Qd was ceased and replaced by the model ZRM 6013 in December 2005. Click here to request a quotation for trade-in with a new model.

Depending on availability, it might be possible to purchase a second hand unit. The following features distinguish the ZRM 1013+:

  • Determination of the night visibility (RL) and day visibility (Qd) of road markings combined in one compact instrument
  • For all types of road markings - smooth, textured, profiled, colored, with or without aggregates and reflective beads; wet or dry roads
  • With intelligent memory, interfaces for PC and printer
  • High long-term stability ensures constant measuring accuracy and thus reliable measuring results. Possible deviations caused by damages or soiling of the calibration standard or the equipment will be shown automatically
  • Approved by independent test laboratories: BASt Germany (no 3201/07.05.2001) and LCPC France (no 159-SEP-00 / only RL)