The free versatile measuring and data analysis software for glossmeter types ZGM 1110, ZGM 1120 and ZGM 1130.

Free versatile mapping and data analysis software for the models ZDR 6020 Dynamic Retroreflectometer RL, ZRM 6010 Retroreflectometer RL, ZRM 6013+ Retroreflectometer RL/Qd, ZRM 6014 Retroreflectometer RL/Qd, ZRP 6030+ Retroreflectometer and ZRS 6060 Retroreflectometer

Free versatile data administration software to the Retroreflectometer models ZRM 6013, ZRM 1013+ and ZRP 6030.

Digital picture analysis software for checking the percentage of surface coverage of agglomerate road markings as well as of remaining road marking after removal.