Advanced retroreflectivity management is key to maintaining road infrastructure at the highest standards. Zehntner offers not only the hardware to do this, but also free data-processing software.

Visibility of road signs and markings has a big influence on road and traffic safety. Hence, road authorities have a responsibility to maintain their infrastructure to a very high standard. To achieve this, they have to monitor and analyze the quality of the infrastructure and therefore an adequate quality control system and maintenance strategy is essential.

The night and day visibility of road markings can be measured using Zehntner’s portable handheld retroreflectometers, such as

ZRM 6006 the ZRM 6006 with one-button operation
ZRM 6013+ the ZRM 6013+ with additional memory, PC and printer interface
ZRM 6014 and the ZRM 6014 with additional unique options and optimized user comfort.


An efficient and safe solution for continuous measurement of night visibility is the ZDR 6020 – a vehicle-mounted retroreflectometer capable of 300 measurements per second.

ZDR 6020

Zehntner’s ZDR 6020 Dynamic Retroreflectometer RL


Furthermore, models of the ZRS 6060 retroreflectometer can be used for measuring traffic signs, safety garments and other reflective materials.

ZRS 6060

ZRS 6060 Retroreflectometer measuring the night visibility of a safety garment


Zehntner retroreflectometers are recognized worldwide for their fast and easy operation as well as their Swiss precision. But experts have stressed that the real, extensive work often begins after the data collection, namely in the data evaluation and presentation. So, when choosing measuring equipment, it is not only important to consider the equipment features and the price, but also their performance in data handling.


Superior data handling
Zehntner always strives to provide a complete solution. Only an area-wide analysis gives a sufficient overview of marking conditions and enables a systematic and intelligent maintenance work management. Therefore, Zehntner offers a free mapping and data analysis software called „MappingTools“ for its retroreflectometer models ZRM 6013+, ZRM 6014, ZDR 6020 and ZRS 6060. This compatibility gives Zehntner users the benefit that retroreflection measurements of road markings, traffic signs and safety garments can be displayed at the same time on the same map.


Zehntner offers a complete retroreflectivity measurement solution


Furthermore, the retroreflection measurements can be analyzed according to individual specifications. The colored mapping of retroreflection areas classifies the road markings or traffic signs in different quality levels, which in turn enables a quick visual evaluation.

In dedicated MappingTools software further information is available alongside each measurement that might be helpful to understand the values. This additional information could be a photograph, for example. Possible reasons for bad or unexpected measuring results could be identified at a glance through the use of such pictures. If all but a few values are good, an image could, for example, reveal that the irregularity has been caused by the measured part being dirty.


Zehntner’s „MappingTools“


High detail
Zehntner recently released a new camera for the ZRM 6014 that provides a built-in zoom, allowing a detailed inspection of the marking. Even the embedding of the glass beads can be checked easily without the need to crouch down on the road with a magnifying glass.


ZRM 6014 camera not in zoom mode


In zoom mode, a true scale is displayed, so the size of the embedded glass beads can be determined. The image is stored with the measuring value, so it can be used as a direct reference. It can be seen directly on the deviceas well as in MappingTools.


ZRM 6014 camera in zoom mode to check embedding of glass beads


All of Zehntner’s retroreflectometer devices and „MappingTools“ were designed to ensure maximum compatibility with existing systems and procedures. Measuring reports in several languages can be generated as PDF or .xls files and data can be imported to an external geographic information system.

Road markings have to be seen as an investment, both economic and social. Zehntner technology allows the user to ensure that money is spent only in areas where it is necessary to improve and/or maintain road and traffic safety.


Author:            Sévérine Berger

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