Zehntner, the renowned Swiss manufacturer of precision instruments exhibited at Control 2017. Zehntner displayed their complete product range, mainly Glossmeters, automatic and manual film applicators, cross-cut and other adhesion testers, hardness testers and other high quality testing equipment.

Once again, Zehntner stands out with their continuous product development. As a highlight, the world’s first automatic universal unit with modular construction will be presented. Due to its modular construction, the automatic universal unit can be equipped with different kits for carrying out applications, scrub resistance tests, washability tests, crocking, scratch and mar resistance tests as well as recording of the drying time.

ZAA 2600

ZAA 2600 Zehntner-Automatic Universal Unit


Thanks to its large scope of applications the ZAA 2600 is deployable in a multitude of industries, such as the paint, varnish, paper, print, packaging, textile, food, building material, manufacturing and chemistry industry. Due to its modular design, the ZAA 2600 can be upgraded retroactively for additional functions at any time by simply purchasing an add-on kit.

ZAA 2600.SW

ACC1286 add-on kit for wet abrasion, scrub resistance, washability and crocking tests


Many features ensure a high user-friendliness: Time saving thanks to storage of various profile settings such as application length, drawing speed, stroke length and number of cycles, fast tool change and easy to use multi-language menu guidance.

Zehntner continuously expands the ZAA 2600 product family: The first model, the Automatic Film Applicator was introduced at the European Coatings Show 2015 in Nuremberg. In 2016, Zehntner presented the crockmeter and scrub resistance models at the Ilmac in Basel and at this year’s European Coatings Show, Zehntner launched a new crockmeter-adapter for scratch and mar resistance tests.

ZAA 2600.C

ZAA 2600.C Automatic Crockmeter in use with the new adapter for
scratch and mar resistance tests


Due to their sophisticated design, the Automatic Crockmeter as well as the Automatic Scrub Tester clearly stand out from the crowd of other products on the market: Fast and easy tool change is provided, a test load of up to 4.5 kg (9.92 lbs) can be used and up to four wet and/or dry tests can be carried out at the same time, even on curved samples.


ZAA 2600.SW

ZAA 2600.SW Automatic Scrub Tester carrying out four tests at the same time


Depending on the used equipment and accessories, tests according to standards and test specifications can be carried out. Customised scrub test can be executed using the optional universal holder.

Due to the broad range of available test accessories and the numerous standards for crockmeter and scrub resistance tests, it can be a challenge to identify the necessary equipment. Zehntner attaches great importance to high quality technical consultancy and provides overview documents showing the most common standards and the respective needed accessories. Additionally, customers are welcome to send samples in order to get the best advice from Zehntner. This service is free of charge.


Authors:           Ms. Sévérine Berger and Mrs. Ingrid Bloß

Company:        Zehntner GmbH Testing Instruments, Switzerland

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