Proceq has announced five new strategic appointments within its global business which, since January 1, 2018, incorporates the team and portfolio of Zehntner. These appointments further strengthen Proceq’s position as the company moves ahead with an exciting program of 2018 launches in the non-destructive testing (NDT) and retro-reflectometry space, as well as expansion into new facilities.

Proceq SA, global leader in innovative non-destructive testing solutions, acquires Zehntner GmbH Testing Instruments, a leading producer of handheld retro-reflectometers crucial for road safety

Zehntner, the renowned Swiss manufacturer of precision instruments exhibited at Control 2017. Zehntner displayed their complete product range, mainly Glossmeters, automatic and manual film applicators, cross-cut and other adhesion testers, hardness testers and other high quality testing equipment.

All cats are grey at night – and this means that they are almost invisible. This is also true for objects and installations on public roads as their visibility will be poor during darkness. Therefore high retroreflection, also referred to as night visibility is an important factor in improving road and traffic safety.

The new ZRS 6060 Retroreflectometer for traffic signs and safety garments. At the Intertraffic Amsterdam exhibition 2012 Swiss manufacturer Zehntner GmbH Testing Instruments launches the next generation of retroreflectometers for measuring the night visibility of all kinds of retroreflective traffic signs, safety garments and other reflexive materials such as conspicuity tapes.


ZRS 6060 Retroreflectometer measuring the night visibility of a traffic sign

"Our new ZRS 6060 Retroreflectometer is setting the trend for the future" says owner and managing director Peter Zehntner. "Our customers expect precision instruments with cutting-edge technology and our main goal is the development of user friendly, low maintenance instruments."

Like all Zehntner products, the new lightweight retroreflectometer is fast, easy to use and delivers reliable, precise results. Moreover, the long-established Swiss instrument specialists have built in many innovations for the user:

It is the very first retroreflectometer for traffic signs, warning clothes and other reflexive materials such as conspicuity tapes with LED illumination system and with a 3.5” high resolution colour touchscreen with adjustable display inclination for excellent visibility under all lighting conditions. It is visible in bright sunlight as well as under artificial lighting. Ergonomic design and self-evident menu guidance have always been a matter of fact in Zehntner products and the new graphic display layout adds even more clarity.


ZRS 6060 Retroreflectometer

Three different observation angles are measured at the same time. The retrometer can be used for all kinds of retroreflective materials and colours and includes automatic colour indication.

The temperature and air humidity are recorded simultaneously in addition to the coefficient of retroreflection.

Comfortable measurements are assured by a carrying strap, a shoulder bag and extremely long-lasting super long life battery.

Moreover, the customer can choose from an extensive set of options to configure the instrument according to his personal requirements: Several extendable handles of various lengths are available for reaching traffic signs on high poles. A holster with a safety clip provides easy access and comfortable and safe carrying of the instrument in the field. A GPS receiver allows precise positioning of the results. As a standard, all gathered information can be displayed in the included mapping and data analysis software for easy evaluation.

Naturally, all data can be transferred to a PC via the standard USB interface or via an optional Bluetooth® interface.

The ZRS 6060 rounds off the Zehntner portfolio of retroreflectometers for the road sector ideally. The Swiss manufacturer also offers retroreflectometers for road markings and for road studs. For more than 45 years the brand name Zehntner has been standing for Swiss precision instruments. Use the opportunity to find out all about the latest developments at the famous Intertraffic Amsterdam exhibition from 27 to 30 March 2012 and visit us at our stand No. 04.412 in hall 4 to get a picture of the Zehntner quality products.

Swiss precision measuring and testing equipment.

The road signs and markings used on airport runways must provide optimized visibility to ensure safety in an extremely challenging environment.

The new ZRM 6013+ Road Marking Retroreflectometer from Zehntner.

Good visibility of road furniture and particularly good visibility of road markings and traffic signs is not a question of prestige or luxury. It provides confidence for the driver and is thus a crucial factor in ensuring traffic safety.

Traffic signalization represents a visual guideline in traffic and affects the behaviour of all participants. Regarding road traffic, the impact of direct information comes into play more than in other traffic modes due to the large number of participants and intensity of traffic flow.

The principle of gloss measurement on even surfaces is simple: the reflection of an incident light in a defined angle will be measured.

However, gloss measurements often have to be carried out on curved surfaces. If the surface to be measured is not even, the following aspects should be considered: 

Good visibility of road furniture and particularly good visibility of road markings and traffic signs is not a question of prestige or luxury. It provides confidence for the driver and is thus a crucial factor in ensuring traffic safety. This can be achieved by means of various approaches:

Many countries across the world have introduced safety programmes to reduce the number of deaths on their roads.

The new ZRM 6014 Road Marking Retroreflectometer by Zehntner. 5 Innovations in one go: telescope handle and wheels as standard, colour touch display, camera, level meter and compass.

Ahead of their time: The new ZRM 6006 budget priced Road Marking Retroreflectometer by Zehntner. Swiss manufacturer Zehntner GmbH Testing Instruments launches a new budget-priced retroreflectometer.

Fast, precise, easy to use: Once more, Zehntner is presenting a comprehensive portfolio of measuring and testing instruments for quality control of all kinds of surfaces at the Paint Expo 2012.

Road markings do their bit for road safety. To find one's way in traffic flow is easy – in daylight. Even on overcast days, sunlight is ten thousand times brighter than the brightest artificial lighting. Therefore we can easily see all objects relevant for navigating on the road.

Do you get what you paid for? Choosing the best offer sometimes is not enough. The contracting body should make sure that the quality meets the agreed requirements.