2015 Launch of the very first glossmeter with touchscreen as well as the very first automatic universal unit with touchscreen for various application such as film application, crocking, scrub resistance, washability, scratch resistance and drying time.
2014 Launch of the ZRM 6013+ an optimised re-issue of the classic ZRM 6013 Retroreflectometer RL/Qd with touchscreen and faster measuring procedure.
2013 Introduction of the new online-glossmeter with the latest digital communication, various analog outputs and automatic in-situ calibration as well as a new universal-applicator with 1 μm resolution for preparing uniform films or wedge-shaped layers of coating materials.
2012 Launch of a precision instrument for the determination of night visibility of traffic signs and safety garments. New app for iPhone® and iPad® for determination of the degree of surface coverage of agglomerate road markings.
2011 Introduction of the new modified hardness tester, mar resistance tester as well as launch of the new scratching tool and a budget priced basic retroreflectometer RL/Qd.
2010 Launch of the very first retroreflectometer RL/Qd with colour touch-screen and automatic calibration standard recognition and with unique options such as camera.
2008 Introduction of a new 3-angle-glossmeter with integrated OLED display, 128 MB memory card, USB-interface and many more.
2007 Launch of a dynamic retroreflectometer RL for continuous measurement of the night visibility of road markings at normal traffic speed.
2006 40th anniversary and move to more spacious premises in Sissach.
2005 Introduction of the first gloss measuring sensor transmitting the measuring data directly to the PC/laptop via USB-interface.
2004 Human reinforcement of the development department for a continuous enlargement of the product range.

The retroreflectometer for the combined determination of the night and day visibility with one handy unit has been relaunched and newly equipped with a wet-timer, a detailed test report on a A4/letter size paper as well as automatic self-diagnosis.

1999 Launch of the worldwide very first retroreflectometer for the combined determination of the night and day visibility with one handy unit as well as "seven in one go": significant extension of physical test equipment range.
1997 Change of the legal form into Zehntner GmbH Testing Instruments and move to Hoelstein in more spacious manufacturing premises.
1995 Introduction of an on-line-glossmeter-system with up to 1000 measurements per second.
1992 Hand over to second generation. Peter Zehntner, the current owner and Managing Director, runs the business initially under P. Zehntner Testing Instruments. Concentration on measuring and testing instruments.
1966 Foundation G. Zehntner Electronic, Reigoldswil. The company was active in the fields of home and industrial electronics, medical technics including development and production of measuring and testing instruments.